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The Malvern Hills as an Area of Outstanding Natual Beauty (AONB)

The Malvern Hills as an Area of Outstanding Natual Beauty (AONB)

The Malvern Hills, as the name suggests, are known for their natural visual splendor. The area is rich in natural beauty, so it is important to conserve it at all costs. Continue reading to learn more about Malvern Hills and why it recognizes as an AONB.

Where are Malvern Hills?

Famed for its spring water, the Malvern Hills locates itself in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, and a tiny portion of northern Gloucestershire in England. The hills dominate the surrounding farmland and the cities and villages of the Malvern district. The highest point views the Severn Valley, Herefordshire hills, and Welsh mountains, and parts of thirteen counties, the Bristol Channel, and the cathedrals of Worcester, Gloucester, and Hereford.

Natural England has identified the Malvern Hills as National Character Area 103 and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a biological and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Outstanding Natural Beauty

What is an Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB)?

A designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is a landscape in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland declared for conservation due to its significant landscape value. The applicable public body: Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, respectively, designates areas to recognize their national importance. Scotland uses the equivalent national scenic area (NSA) title in place of AONB. Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are protected against development in the same way that national parks are protected in the United Kingdom. However, unlike national parks, the competent authorities do not have their own planning powers.

 Purpose of AONB

The primary goal of the AONB designation is to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the area. This central goal was repeated in a policy statement on AONBs issued in 1991. (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty: A Policy Statement 1991, CCP356). The report also highlights secondary goals that should be considered when achieving the primary goal.

 The natural beauty of AONB

The natural beauty of AONBs covers everything – natural and human – that distinguishes an area: geology, climate, soils, plants, animals, communities, archaeology, architecture, the people who live there, past and present, and visitors’ impressions.

The Malvern Hills as AONS

In 1959, the Malvern Hills were designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Herefordshire, Worcestershire, and Gloucestershire are included in the classification, which encompasses 105 square kilometers. According to records, the Malvern Hills Trust was instrumental in expanding the AONB’s size beyond being initially envisaged.

Taking Care of Malvern Hills

Local authorities, government bodies, parish councils, landowners, community, and voluntary groups are all represented on the Malvern Hills AONB Partnership. The Partnership is the only organization responsible for the entire AONB. The Partnership does not own or manage any land, but it aids those who do and provides strategic direction and coordination for the whole region.

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