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Best Things to Do in Malvern

Best Things to Do in Malvern

Malvern is rich in history, but there are many attraction to this place. Find your spot from the next top 10 places.

1. Move to the hills

The history of Malvern hills dates back to the bronze age. Nature attracted many nomads and settlers during the bronze age. Even today, the mountain attract various visitors around the world.

2. Worcestershire Beacon

The highest point of the Malvern Hills is known as the Worcestershire beacon. The view from the top is the most heavenly point on the planet. One cannot forget the beauty and the nature of the hills from the Worcestershire Beacon. Climb the mountain and reach the highest point.

Malvern Theatres

3. Malvern Theatres and  Malvern Studios

The modernization of the city brought many theaters and studios for the representation of art. The theatre is known for presenting dramas and plays from 1885 and has grown over the years. Even today, it stands as one of the popular spots for art.

4. Great Malvern Priory

The Priory was initially built for 30 monks in the Malvern in the year the 1080s. It is  a settle for monks in the coming years. but soon the story changed. With Henry VIII coming to power in England, the exploitation began. The state exploited the catholic church, and the settlers have to leave.

5. Great Malvern Station

The Great Malvern is a part of Malvern city. It is known for its incredible history and beauty. One such connection is the Great Malvern station. The outlet is the creation of the British during the 1800s. The aim was to grow Malvern tourism.

6. Malvern Tourist Information Centre

The outlet is managed by the hill district council and is said to be operating throughout the year. This outlet aims to provide and help travelers around the world to educate tourists about the city.

7. Herefordshire Beacon

Herefordshire is another highest peak of the malvern hills. It is surrounded by the british camps that work on the earthwork. One can enjoy the mounts and discover the villages around the mountains. One can also see various reservoirs. The hereforshire beacon is a site to british Reservoirs.

8. Priory Park

The park is a spot for all. One can play tennies and entertain themselves with some sport or swim in the lake to take a freshment bath. A complete picnic spot for families adn friends, priory park is a all day and every season outing.

9. Picton Garden

IF Flora adn fauna is you rtype, this plac eis your go to. Picton garden is home to a variety of species of flora. It is situated  close to the the Melvern Historic spa, which makes it an ideal place for a relaxing day. Explore the flora nad add the spa to your bucket list.

10. Museum of Local History

Malvern is a home to history, which makes the a visit to museum of the local history worthy. The tudor house museum and the birthplace of Edward Elgar are two important major attraction of the city.


Malvern is a home to every traveller. An adventure tour or a romantic trip, Malvern is your home. Add malvern is your next destination.

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