A set of 7 Trail Guides for the Malvern Hills

Excerpt from:-
Trail Guide No.1


At the top of the path with the fence on the right, the almost sheer 123 m high face of Scar Quarry is immediately below and out of sight. Quarrying was stopped here more than twenty years ago. The stone had been much used for house building in the Victorian town, and later for road-making. In North Malvern below, the small houses of the former quarry workers are strung out near the entrance to the quarries which have since been landscaped and planted with trees and grass. This work was carried out by Malvern Hills Conservators, the organisation which keeps these hills open for public use. In the middle distance, the line of the railway leads directly to Worcester with its cathedral and clustered city buildings.

From the trail and beyond the next ridge of hills the view westwards across Herefordshire now begins to open up. De Walden Drive is soon rejoined (from the right) and then climbs to its highest point (you are now 342 metres up) at. . .

 The 7 guides are as follows :-
  1. North Hill
    (Distance 4km)
  2. Around Worcestershire Beacon
    (Distance 4.8km
  3. Wyche to Wynds Point
    (Distance 5.6 km
  4. British Camp to Swinyard Hill
    (Distance 5.5km
  5. Hollybush
    Northern Circuit 2.4 km
    Southern Circuit 2.8 km
  6. Malvern Hills
    END to END
    (Distance 15 km
  7. Great Malvern Town Centre
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