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The North Malvern Stocks

Visitors, please don't mis-behave!   We still have the old Stocks in North Malvern Road

One of the first cars in the world was built in Malvern and was called the 'Malvernian'

The worlds smallest theatreWhat is probably the SMALLEST THEATRE in the world is now open in Great Malvern. It is known as
    'The Theatre of Small Convenience'
What was a Victorian Gentlemans Public Lavatory in Edith Walk has been converted into a 'mini theatre'

A misty Severn valley

The Severn valley on a misty morning as seen from the hills

The reservoir at the British Camp

Looking down onto
the Reservoir at British Camp

The Rail-way tunnel

The main Railway Line between Worcester & Hereford curves from the top centre of the picture and vanishes below us into the tunnel through the hills

One of Malverns Gas lamps (animated)

Malvern still has working gas street-lamps in a few parts of the area. This is one of the lamps lighting the A449 where it crosses the Wells common. Other lamps can be seen in the Priory Church-yard in Great Malvern and along Holywell Road in Malvern Wells.

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