Schweppes & Malvern Water An early photograph of the Factory in Colwall


      Schweppes has been associated with Malvern since I851,when J. Schweppe & Co. supplied the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace.  This event was an outstanding success and established the national reputation of Malvern Water.  It is Britain's oldest and best known water and deserves its tide as "The Original English Mineral Water".Water from the Holy Well was initially bottled and marketed as Malvern Soda and then as Malvern Seltzer Water from 1856. Seltzer means 'mineral water' or 'water that effervesces'.In I890, Schweppes entered into a contract with the Ballard family from Colwall for the piped supply of Spring Water 'of pure& soft character'.  The present site was acquired and the Factory built in 1892.  Much effort was made to ensure the site was in keeping with its village setting, with the use of local materials and striking architecture -thought to copy the Holy Well.  The site, originally an orchard, was ideally situated close to the railway -the Great Western Line, as it was then. In 1929, the Factory commenced bottling of water from the 'Pewtress Spring' -renamed Primeswell, which Schweppes acquired from Burrows in 1927.  The spring source is on the western side of the Herefordshire Beacon, in the Malvern Hills.

Present Day

      The Factory bottles water solely from the Primeswell Spring.  The water flows through a loose gravel bed and is gravity fed directly to the Factory 1.8km away.  The spring source is enclosed and secured and lies within the conservation area of the Malvern Hills. In 1987 MALVERN gained recognition as a Natural Mineral Water, reinforcing its reputation for purity & quality. The flowrate averages approximately 60 litres/minute and has never been known to 'dry up'.  Over 12 million litres are bottled and sold annually in a range of sizes and packs and in Still and Sparkling variants. 1995/6 saw the addition of a Malvern range, with natural fruit juices. The Factory is one of six manufacturing sites owned by CCSB Ltd. (Coca-Cola & Schweppes Beverages Limited), formed in 1987. 25 people are currently employed, working a shift system to enable production I6 hours a day. The Factory has gained numerous awards for its Quality and Health & Safety performance.  Although the site has only one production line, Colwall's teams are proud to say that it is the most efficient line in the business, and in the most beautiful of locations.

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