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View of the Malverns from the Old Hills at Callow End

A view of the Malverns looking West from the 'Old Hills', Callow End

All the paintings on this page are by well known local artist Glenys Burrows of 'Station Crafts', a Malvern co-operative of Artists and Craftsmen. The gallery and shop is on Great Malvern Railway Station. The Station building was built in 1863, it was designed by the well known architect E W Elmslie and is listed for special preservation because of its richly ornate structure. It is admired especially for the different hand crafted floral wrought iron work at the top of each roof suporting pillar. Glenys paints local landscapes and buildings many of which are reproduced on cards. She also has a particular interest in painting post boxes

Station Crafts is open 6 days a week all the year round except for Christmas-time. Their hours are 9.45am to 5pm. Monday to Saturday inclusive

Great Malvern railway station

This painting shows some detail of the magnificent design of Great Malvern railway station

Below is a 'Large Thumbnail' selection of paintings by Glenys

Looking North from the British Camp

Looking North from the
Herefordshire Beacon
Looking South from the Worcestershire Beacon
Looking South from the
Worcestershire Beacon
A view of Malvern Common
Malvern Common
The Malvern Priory
Malvern Priory in Great Malvern
The Reservoir
British Camp Reservoir
St.Ann's Well
St. Ann's Well
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