Malvern is proud of its lifetime association with the world famous sports car manufacturer
The Morgan Motor Company

Some famous cars of the past

(the present and the Future)

The Morgan Runabout

The Morgan 3-Wheeler Runabout

An early Plus 4 "Flat Rad"

Plus 4 'Flat Rod'
Le Man  1962

Chris Lawrences 1962 Le Man Class win

A Morgan drop-head coupé

To the right and below a couple examples of the famous Morgan Drop-head coupé

Another Morgan drop-head coupé

A Morgan SLR

The Morgan SLR
A recent model Morgan, the Plus 8

The more modern Plus 8 still available with either 3.9 litre or 4.6 litre V8 engine

And now for cars of the present
A recent model from Morgan

TheAero 8 was unveiled

The latest Morgan Aero 8
The Aero 8
                A story of EVOLUTION
The launch of the new Morgan Aero 8 marks the culmination of the largest development programme ever undertaken by Morgan in more than 90 years of sports car manufacture.

The project was set in motion with the production of the works GT2 racer that competed in the 1997 FIA GT Championship, and the design principles behind the Aero 8 s chassis and suspension have been both conceived and proven on the world's race circuits.

The specially built GT2 racecar, though using mostly standard Plus Eight bodywork, was based on an aluminium chassis developed with the help of Alcan who allowed Morgan to use its advanced pretreated aluminium and special adhesive. Though competitive in its performance the GT2 lacked an aerodynamic body and was therefore denied significant success in the race series.

The new car's development team, headed by Charles Morgan and Chris Lawrence, set out to evolve the traditional Morgan lines into an aerodynamic shape that would bring class-beating performance and excellent ride and handling characteristics.

Selection of high quality, lightweight and technologically advanced components and materials has been a priority throughout the development project. The Aero 8 uses the latest aluminium material produced by Alcan at its DM250 million plant at Nachterstedt in Germany. The Morgan Aero 8 is the first aluminium coach built car and the first car in Europe to be produced using this particular material, which has been designed specifically for use in vehicle manufacture.

Sections of the aluminium are bonded using a high performance Gurrit Essex adhesive and riveted with Bullhof rivets for secondary strength to form a tub that gives exceptional torsional rigidity for an open-top car. Additional use of aluminium, in extrusions for suspension and braking systems, means that the Aero 8 weighs in at around 1000kgs.

Designed in-house and developed using the full-size wind tunnel at MIRA, the Aero 8's eye-catching shape gives a drag coefficient of 0.39, a 40 per cent improvement over the current Morgan Plus Eight. The smooth shape generates negative lift at the front and rear and has a completely flat undertray, completed by a discreet Venturi tunnel at the rear of the car.

Extensive prototype testing at BMW s secret test facility in the South of France has proven the Aero 8 to have exceptional handling qualities. The innovative packaging of the Aero 8's suspension system allows for long wishbones. Equal weight distribution front to rear low centre of gravity and low unsprung weight combined with these long suspension arms maximises tyre contact during cornering and eliminates the need for anti-roll bars. In testing the Aero 8 pulled 1G lateral acceleration on standard road tyres.

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