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The Hills

are formed from 600,000,000 years old Pre-Cambrian Granite

Most of the hill peaks are known by their old historic local names

(One of the few un-named hills was given the name 'Millennium Hill' to celebrate the new millenium)
It can be identified a few inches to the south (left) of the British Camp hill on the 'Panorama' page

Pinnacle Hill Pinnacle Hill

The district of Malvern surrounds and includes the Malvern Hills. It consists of the main town of Great Malvern and the smaller 'villages' of Malvern Wells, Little MalvernWest MalvernNorth MalvernMalvern Link , Barnards Green and The Wyche. With the village of Colwall on the west side of the hills below The Wyche.

    Standing near the Toposcope on the highest point of the Worcestershire Beacon, at a height of 1,395 feet above sea-level, it is claimed that on a clear day you can see seven counties.

The Toposcope

The Toposcope
is on the highest point of the hills. It was rected in 1899 & shows the bearing of every City, Town and Village that has been seen from that spot.

The Giants cave

Looking into the Giants cave at 'Broad Down' to see if anybody is at home

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