Books about Malvern
mostly by local writer
Several written in association with
Bruce Osborne
One written by Janet Grierson
Several by the
"Malvern Writers Circle"

Write about Malvern
"Write Around Malvern" (1994), a compilation by Malvern Writers Circle
53 pages, ISBN 1 873809 12 3, Price 2.95 - poetry and prose.

17th Century Springs & Spas, Springs Spouts Fountains & Holy Wells, Aquae Malvernensis
Bruce Osborne &
Cora Weaver,
"Aquae Britannia, Rediscovering 17th Century Springs & Spas"
(1996), 276 pages, b & w illustrations ISBN 1 873809 22 0 Price 16.99. An explorer s guide around the country in the footsteps of traveller and diarist Celia Fiennes.
Bruce Osborne &
Cora Weaver
"Springs, Spouts, Fountains & Holy Wells of the Malverns"
(Revised ed. 1997), 48 illustrated pages ISBN 1 873809 08 5 Price 3.30. An explorer's guide to 62 water sources around the Malvern Hills.
Cora Weaver
& Bruce Osborne
"Aquae Malvernensis"
(1994) 248 pages with b&w illustrations ISBN 1 873809 07 7 Price 12.99. A detailed history and topography of the springs & fountains of the Malvern Hills (8-figure grid references) plus an account of the difficulties of introducing a public water supply in the nineteenth century.

Malvern as a Spa Town, Priory Gatehouse & Malvern Writers Circle

Cora Weaver,
"A Short Guide to Malvern as a Spa Town."
2nd ed. (1996) 15 pages, ISBN 1 873809 17 4 Price 1.95. An entertaining glimpse at the life of a nineteenth-century water cure patient and their doctors. A map shows the locations of the main water cure establishments. Designed as a day or weekend guide.
Cora Weaver,
"The Priory Gatehouse of Great Malvern"

(1993) 18 illustrated pages ISBN 1 873809 06 9 Price 2.00 An illustrated guide to the history and architecture of Malvern's second oldest building, the late fifteenth-century gatehouse to the Benedictine priory.
"50 Years"
(1998), 61 pages, ISBN 1 873809 13 1 Price 3.50 - poetry and prose from Malvern Writers Circle.

Dr Willson, Barratt & Shaw, Darwin &Waugh & Elgar in Malvern

Janet Grierson
"Dr Wilson and his Malvern Hydro"

(1998), 142 pages plus 9 prelims; 24 b&w illustrations, ISBN 1 873809 32 8 Price 8.50 well researched look at the life and work of Dr Wilson, a hydrotherapy pioneer in England; also investigates the work of other hydrotherapy doctors in Malvern the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Cora Weaver
"A Short Guide to Charles Darwin & Evelyn Waugh in Malvern"

(1991), 12 pages, ISBN 1 873809 01 8 Price 1.75 brief, with illustrations & map, designed for day or weekend visitors to Malvern. Darwin came to Malvern for spa treatment on numerous occasions. He brought his daughter here for similar treatment in 1851.
Cora Weaver
"A Short Guide to Edward Elgar in Malvern"

(2nd ed.1997) 15 illustrated pages ISBN 1 873809 27 1 Price 1.95. A guide with map to places where Elgar lived or visited, his friends and his music.
Cora Weaver
"A Short Guide to Elizabeth Barrett & George Bernard Shaw in Malvern"

(1992) 15 pages, ISBN 1 873809 03 4 Price 1.75 - 75 brief, with illustrations & map, designed for day or weekend visitors to Malvern. A guide to where they stayed, people and places they visited and what they wrote in or for Malvern.

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